no dtcs, tried new spark plugs, it is getting fuel pressure and there is injector pulse, tried new coil and new ign module

1 long blink then 2 long 3 short 4 short 5 short then long pause and 5 short

new cap and rotor were replaced and now the thing will not fire at all

Wen i tried turning it.on it.wouldnt was.on my way home and it.turn off now it.dont wanna start at all and it.makes a weird sound

On my y 92 pathfinder where is the idle speed control. Plz dont laugh.

My Pathfinder is surging most @ start up. So i pulled codes, I got 2 different codes 23 (idle control valve ) &45 (injector leaking). My question is how do I determine which injector it is? What is the electrical specs for the injector?

I've checked charging system (12.9v), I've checked brake fluid level & my emergency brake is off. But both lights are on my dash, and wont go out

Battery good

holds 40-50 pounds fuel pressure,idels maybe a minute then cuts off.everything is hooked up. what do i need to try?

my gas and hot and cold needle don't work. what can I do to fix it?

i replaced the ignition switch and was driving fine (not fully reassembled), even turned off and restarted. now get no power from ign. switch at all. (have clock, dome light n hazards). have already swapped out the switch n still nothing.