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My vehicle suddenly started shaking or vibrating recently. When I got on the freeway it acted like it wouldn't go over 50 mph. We immediately took it in to a dealer and they haven't been able to figure out what is g...
what can cause extremely low gas mileage on 1991 nissan pathfinder se v6
what cause a 1991 nissan pathfinder se v6 to give extremely low gas mileage
how do i change the windshield wipers
my pathfinder starts fine when cold, then i drive it around. i shut it off then go to turn it back on it dosent want to start after being warm?
This is a very expensive repair, how long can I put this off and what happens if I don't get it repaired right away...single mom of 3year old, I need my car to get around, but I have a few other issues, is there a cos...
My truck is having a hard time starting. When I turn the key it takes awhile loping before it will start sometimes wont start at all, just spin. help me out please
after it warms up it will shut off like someone flipped a switch will not start untill it cools off
I have a 91 pathfinder and the gas , temp & speedo gauges are not working.... what could be the problem?
The key release button will not release until I rock the key back and forth several times on my 1991 Nissan Pathfinder. Is there a fix without replacing the ignition switch assembly all together?
replacing rear brake line