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Hi, I am unable to remove the faceplate for the climate control unit. I have removed the 2 top screws and 1 inside the ashtray location. the bottom of the face will not come off. There is another plastic faceplate bel...
1991 Nissan Pathfinder 4x4 automatic.Issue just started this morning. I had noticed it seemed to take time to shift when driving.I do not use 4x4 so it is always in 2 wheel mode since I had it (9 months).
my front tires look like and feel like there gonna fall off when driving like maybe its the draglink
I checked fuses and do not see any that run the reverse lights. Parking lights and signals work.
everything indicates switch in steering column
how to dissable the electronic timing controll
Back ground info: Vg30e 5 speed, 4x4 cailfornia model Problem started out of no where it seems, full tune up 5k ago, ran great the whole time untill now, run's fine when this "issue" is not acting up! It Causes Idl...
I replaced the fuel line, but the car is still leaking gas.
It gets very hot very fast under the drivers seat from the floor up
my torque converter seems to make excessive noise and suddenly went quiet for a couple miles for the first time since i bought the vehicle 1000 miles ago?
Everything in the car is working with the exception of the signal lights.
The mechanic estimates the cost to replace the 1991 Nissan Pathfinder starter to be approximately $500. Is this reasonable and what all should he be replacing?
Hi, I have a problem with the gas gauge and heat gauge on my PF that isn't working ..My mechanic says that the electrican has to look at it?? Do they take the whole front of the dash off to do that??? Also there maybe...
the vehicle is a 1988 nissan pathfinder and while we are sitting idling the vehicle sounds like it misses. we place it in neutral and acceralte a little to overcome the missing. Someone mentioned maybe a timing gear!