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I have a 2007 nissan murano and my drivers side headlight is dimmed like a flashlight low on batteries. I changed the bulb and it is still dim. Even when i use my high beams. I cleaned the connection but still no luck. My friend wiggled the wires and it seemed to go bright. I just want to know if its expensive to fix the wire connection on my headlight.

the bolts that hold the trunk u clamp r gone how do i re place them

While I drive the car it automatically shuts off

Heads done twice two water pumps four thermostats two radiators timing assembly cross over pipe fans checked Ac freon checked new anti freeze Run and sounds fine all checks out turn on Ac overheats again HELP PLEASE

A code read that my gas sensor was bad could this be why

Could this cause the acceleration to be almost none

There's no rhyme or reason when or why it happens after a short distance, longer distance, rain, sunny whatever. Its very dangerous cause there is no just stops and I cannot steer...I have to wait a minute and it starts back up. What is causing this...needs to be fixed ASAP!

I can feel heat from the top vents in my truck but not front vents what would cause this to happen

These codes are related to the transmission and we have been told by a transmission specialist the transmission needs replacing. Is there any alternative you can suggest until we can trade the car in. It has too many miles and we just spent $1700 on rebuilding the front end to buy new transmission. Is there any type of transmission additive that works with this CVT that will prevent skipping until we can trade? Please advise. Thanks.

I need to change the Electronic Control Module (ECM). My car have instaled an ECM with serial number MEC33-511 A1 6301.
¿Could I replace for other ECM, for example: MEC81-730 A1 720557?

Car sat for two months while I was sick. It molded all inside. What would make it do that. Windows were not down. Floor on right side very wet. Loved my car. Costing me 3,000.00, to have the mold removed.