Haven't had an oil change in a while and Service Engine Soon light is on. Also just inflated all tires.

How to fix the convertible top

Noises when shifting in first. No acceleration on turns. Car finally stopped moving. Gears will take 5 seconds to shift. Has there been a recall on this?

Noises when shifting in first. No acceleration on turns. Car finally stopped moving.

My AC won't turn off! It remains on high. I can't turn it off and I can't seem to figure out why.

I need to know how many engine mount supports does the the 2004 Nissan Murano have.

I need to know how many engine mount supports does the the 2004 Nissan Murano have.

I believe it read "step moitore " the car has less power and read code "p1778"

i have vdc sensor on how much cost to fixed a mehanic told me need to change tie rod lining both

We had an oil leak then did an oil change everything seemed to go back to normal then started leaking even worst, I believe the part were it is coming from is the oil cooler behind the part where the oil filter screws in, so we tried to replace the gasket during which the coolant line was knocked off and we lost alot of coolant. The gasket was to big so we put water in to be able to make it to auto parts store and now it's overheating and fluctuating. Any thoughts or suggestions it only has 73k miles on it. oh and the check engine light came on after the oil change and we never ere able to get the change oil light to go off after changing it, it also made a rattle sound kinda like a stuck lifter when accelerating.

the bolts that hold the trunk u clamp r gone how do i re place them

seems to be the problem is it the rely or else., i even done the diagnostic test scanner shows that every thing is okay. please advice..

Charge battery an still wont start add oil an water to raidor still wont start tierd everything wont start have recall on it help me

Seems all muranos fail at the upper clamp site.

where do i lode the 12 C D changer in the Nissan Murano and where is it located i have no clue please respond TONY

Think I have a bad motor mount as well. Vibration at accelerating and while at a crushing speed

Problem occurs after coming to a stop and then upon accelerating

While I drive the car it automatically shuts off

Car has started killing when we have stopped and then put it into reverse to backup i.e. back out of a parking spot and try to go forward. Dealer ran on computer and could find no problems. Told us to try an additive in the fuel, which we did, and the problem persists. Is there a solution?

Heads done twice two water pumps four thermostats two radiators timing assembly cross over pipe fans checked Ac freon checked new anti freeze Run and sounds fine all checks out turn on Ac overheats again HELP PLEASE

Shouldn't there be a beeping sound when backing up to alert me when objects are close to my car

A code read that my gas sensor was bad could this be why

Could this cause the acceleration to be almost none

The engine light stays on

the engine light is on

There's no rhyme or reason when or why it happens after a short distance, longer distance, rain, sunny whatever. Its very dangerous cause there is no just stops and I cannot steer...I have to wait a minute and it starts back up. What is causing this...needs to be fixed ASAP!

My truck starts missing and sometimes it looses power, and has an oil leak in the rear of the engine.
The oil leak is about a year old, and since I may need a timing chain repair, I want to get done at the same time.

Both rear door locks on my Murano have failed. One lock button on the door just flip-flops back and forth without affecting the lock at all, while the other is still lockable by reaching inside the back seat and locking and unlocking it. If we lock this door from the inside and then get out of the car to leave and hit the door unlock switch, upon returning to the car if the rear door is opened the alarm is triggered. Niether will unlock or unlock using the button or the remote. My local dealer has quoted $1090.00 to repair/replace both locks. Can anyone tell me if this is a fair price?