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Was having car in for oil change and then told here's a picture of your gasket it will cost four thousand to fix and have to fix immediately. Seeing as the entire engine has to be removed to complete this repair, how ...
Hi. I've been following your post about the Murano. My car has 220k on it it was running smoothly and I went to get emissions done and check engine light came on. So the diagnostic was done and the problem was 0420 o2...
with in 24 hours it looses the coolent and is blowing hot air again. What next
My car has been make sound from the bottom when I drive, back up, turn the steering wheel
Wanted an itemized estimate of specific parts and labor broken down please to remove & replace Tie Rod End- One Side, Inner. Thank you
It will not pull out with moderate force. Is there a latch or some other locking mechanism? I'm afraid if I pull too hard I might break something.
Now its not getting gas even though i just put 30 in the tank
was in the process of changing brakes and rotors. Used spare tire to make two short trips then the car started making really loud banging and clicking noises while driving. I have read on other forums about the spar...
i need to have my control arms replaced
I can't find my manual book to see what this means.
The fan noise would come and go but the fan finally stopped working all togetherSo now I have no heat or air in car
I was driving down the road, and all of a sudden, the car was slowing down even though the rpm was going up. I let my foot off the gas, then put it back on, and it was fine. I've been given a few theories - transmissi...
does any one know where that is or have other ideas???????
The car has been to the dealer several times to be "reset". A few weeks later it comes back on again. Part of the cause may be the dog, but on other cars when this happens the light goes off when the dog leaves or I...
I have read some reviews about the faulty fuel damper and dirt build on the on cx axles, I went to try and get my car fixed today and was unable to get it serviced. I need to drive roundtrip about 562 miles. Are the...
I'm just out of the warranty and don't have the $1700.00 to fix. Any advice?
every time I start the engine( I don't touch the pedal) the car revs up real fast and the dachometer needle goes up real fast and comes back to between 1 and 2. This happens everytime I start this car.
I had the rear passenger heated seats become activated with no one turning them on. The leather seat actually was scorched on the entire seat bottom. This happened in less than a few hours while I was driving the car...
this started yesterday and now unit is making whining noise
The speedometer and the odometer also do not work
It may start blowing air after driving 20 minutes sometimes less. Same for ac?