2006 Nissan Murano Questions

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Haven't had an oil change in a while and Service Engine Soon light is on. Also just inflated all tires.

Seems all muranos fail at the upper clamp site.

Think I have a bad motor mount as well. Vibration at accelerating and while at a crushing speed

Problem occurs after coming to a stop and then upon accelerating

one that controls radio, heat, etc

I have a broken motor mount on the right side. what will happen if I continue to drive it this way?

My heat comes on and off and someone said it could be wiring how much does it cost to fix that

take up to 1 hour. It has been checked 2 times by dealer and they say it is fine HELP

Bought used last month with 75,000 miles. It started out getting about 15 mpg and has gradually decreased over the past month. I mostly drive only to/from work 5 miles round trip. Use regular unleaded gas.

I can replicate the noise if I hold the brake and rev up the motor to 1400 rpms.

in good condition; routine service

Leaking slowly on wheel well and driveway. Any ideas?