My truck starts missing and sometimes it looses power, and has an oil leak in the rear of the engine.
The oil leak is about a year old, and since I may need a timing chain repair, I want to get done at the same time.

I recently replaced the alternator

Wanted an itemized estimate of specific parts and labor broken down please to remove & replace Tie Rod End- One Side, Inner. Thank you

Now its not getting gas even though i just put 30 in the tank

The fan noise would come and go but the fan finally stopped working all togetherSo now I have no heat or air in car

Do I do? Can I drive it to work tomorrow?

this started yesterday and now unit is making whining noise

I heard a thumbing sound coming from the front of the car under the bottom

I was told it was the alternator , but i bought a battery first, now it starts but if i lift the battery post while its on it cuts off automatically. is this a bad alternator or something else?

"I have a 2004 Nissan Murano and was told that the valve cover gaskets are leaking and need replacing but that the boots are part of the valve covers and have to replaced, too. I am told that the gaskets are only about $19 a piece but the boots are $238 a piece. Does this sound right?

Starter turns fine. Murano runs fine after it starts. Engine light on, timing code.