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It only happens when the car has sat awhile after that it doesn't happen while driving.
does seem to stop when I take my foot off the accelerator
After I had a strut put on, I started feeling bumps through the floor when I go slower than 55 miles per hour. Honestly, it feels like I can feel them through the pedals, and hear them. I never had this problem unti...
Cut off and I boosted it off and it crank but when I hit the gas it won't go no where
I was told that the black dust in my drivers seat is caused by the air filter for the blower to the seat is bad and needs replacement?
would not even go to acc mode to run radio or operate windows. steering will not lock either which may be part of the issue. is there any way to bypass anything to at least start it to get it to the dealer?
I saw an blog that said it was behind the glove box but after removing the box there is no evidence of access to the cabin air filter. Where is it. Thanks for your held