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The seats won't slide back and forth but they will adjust up and down is this a sensor issue or something greater. Please help!!!!
I was told I needed a new compressor & accumulator .....AC comes on, blows hot air, & no leaks, FREON is full anyone has any other suggestions before I have to dish out loads of much needed $$$$$
I was sitting in car, ready to start motor, touched brakes and heard a clicking noise behind glove box/airbag area, and also in shifter box between front seats. Brakes are new. Is this normal?
It only happens when the car has sat awhile after that it doesn't happen while driving.
slips back into neutral occasionally if I accelerate too quickly then recovers after I shut off the car for a few minutes
I've been told it's my timing chain but I'm not really sure.Because prior to my tune up and oil change my car was running fine.But it didn't start making the loud noise immediately after maintenance it started a few d...
The engines are running but the car starts in the day and doesn't at night. Can't seem to know what the problem is.
Any ideas what it might be? We are super low income, I will be fixing it myself. I plan on cleaning and checking the throttle cable and cruise control cable to make sure they are intact and no fraying. Gonna try and ...
When I turn the key the starter does not engage. But all other electric works.
The speedometers, gas gauge, or anything else on the dashboard doesn't work including the AC/Heat. However, the radio/clock and all other electrical lights on the car are working just fine. The car runs fine I just ca...
When driving some times as soon as you release the accelerator, and the speed of the car reduces,the car will turn off and stop.both the brake and the steering will lock. the lighting system and the Radio will still b...
does seem to stop when I take my foot off the accelerator
If so for how much? Or how much will you recomend i sell it for.
I have brought my car to three different mechanics and no one can figure out why my car is overheating. Fans working fine, pressure test no leaks, hoses fine, radiator fine. They keep saying thermostat. I have changed...
i have cleaned out radiator to see if it had any blockage but doesn't and everything else on the radiator is fine water pump is fine i have replaced thermostat with a new one ,its ok for about half an hour sometimes b...
The car starts fine, I run an errand, come out won't start for 2hrs. more often. seems heat related. fuse/relay?? will not turn over make a electric sound not a clicking sound. can be jumped in 30 seconds, then runs.
Is there something major going on. I just got new tires put on the front an the car was working good until then. I drove from the tire place an went to the post office an then the car starting having problem cranking.