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I had battery checked and it was fine the next day. The noise didn't happen that next day either. But the following day it returned and has remained. I tried to put my car on cruise control and it jumped off of it and...
when I turn on seat heatgets er during winter I do not feel heat. I generally wear jeans and seat does not feel cold but does not get hot. They worked really good when new but this winter they seemed to of turned for ...
The timing chains are making noise while excelerating.
I have one of those automatic adjusting seats that go back when I shut down and when I start up it sets seat in my correct position. When starting up it goes very slow and has a grinding sound.
there is a roreing noise on the drivers side
My 2008 nissan maxima when driven at low speed 20-40mph swerves. Obviously I purchase a lemon car I have taken my car back to the dealer and they keep telling me nothing is wrong with car. But ever since I purchase th...
The problem happened on the 3rd of April on my way home when an awefull smell came through the vents and the radio and nav system went blank, nothing was working.
Car starts but cuts off have to try to start the car a number of times before it starts
what is the cost of oil change
how do i replace the headlights on my 2008 nissan maxima?