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The speedometers, gas gauge, or anything else on the dashboard doesn't work including the AC/Heat. However, the radio/clock and all other electrical lights on the car are working just fine. The car runs fine I just ca...
Instead of the fuel gauge going counter clockwise as the gas is used. The needle is all the way to the right of the empty line. Like it went past full all the way over, nearly down to the empty line.
Are there back and front spark plugs? If so where are they located? Thank You
also bubbles while engine is running,and fluid is in radiator ?
my trunk does not open. bcm relay is bad. how to open the trunck remote and door pnels do not work
don't have no tail lights or no tag lights i have check al my fuses none or blown replace al the lights can somebody body help me i have been working on this car for to week now can't. Figure it out
i have check every thing all the lights bulb and fuses they or not blown can somebody help me i been working on this car for to week
I have a similar problem with my 2006 Nissan Maxima SL, purchased April 2012. In June 2013, I started having the interior lighting Battery Saver 10A fuse blow repeatedly. I then purchased a manual reset 10A circuit br...
Can drive car an let sit for a week with no problem. Other times will drive it to work an will have a dead battery by end of shift. Sometimes will die over night on occasions. Have verified that battery is good by le...
But after the car run a few mins. or I shift it in gear it sounds okay?
i have tried pulling the radio fuse overnight, also the battery for an hour. nothing has changed. any suggestions???