Been delaying because cost is $1500-$2000. Happens consistently.

after braking hard on the freeway, my brakes would not release and my car would not accelerate when I pressed on the gas. My abs light has been on, but this has never happened. What may be the issue with the system to cause the light to be on? On average, what would it cost to repair the system?

I does not happen all the time but occasionally.

Usually the steering is easy to turn but it started to give a lot of resistance recently.

Sometimes the check engine comes on but not all the time.

I have a nissan maxima that cranks but wont start. i have checked the battery, fuel pump, iginition system everything that relates to the problem.... but one thing is that the dash and the A/C are turned on instantly when i put my key on ON i cannot control my A/C it stays working also my dash all lights are on. could this be more of a electricity problem not mechanical?

Where is the fuel pressure sensor located

Tell me all the recalls for 2004 Nissan maximas.

they run constant power whats the poroblem?

they run constant power whats the poroblem?

I recently went to the shop i they told me i need a transmission flush? i recently just got a rebuild transmission at 133k and im at 143k to this date.

it was just a il oil and i needs to know what will happen and i have water leaking from my water pump b4 i did it so therefore the oil leakout