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it was just a il oil and i needs to know what will happen and i have water leaking from my water pump b4 i did it so therefore the oil leakout
When I depress the clutch pedal the noise stops. When I release the pedal, the noise continues. The car runs roughly at slow speeds until it warms up. The car has 143000 miles on it and I do not know the history o...
Could u please let me know what to do. Are what to change?
I thought it would be the vss but seams like thats not the problem could you help me get my car fix please
I need an ECU, IPDM, and a unified amp/ac to repair my 2004 maxima. I was quoted $3100 to fix, is there a cheaper alternative? The car is not running and someone offered $1800 for it. I'm not made of money but I also ...
The button on the door sounds like it is working, and the valet switch in the glove box is on. I also cannot get the back seats down, and they are not locked
Circuits test good only diff between cmp1 and cmp2 is while running cmp 2 has a square wave that peaks at over 13v while one is just above 12 both circuits have the same voltage and ground. signal wire at bank 2 I cut...