Red LED security system light stays on while i crank it but wont start but will run off ether and the fuel pump is workin

it wont go back into gear till i pull over,kill the AC and let the tranny cool down

As an example,sometimes when car is in park I can't put the shifter in reverse. The transmission fluid is good as of 6/28 inspection.

the average cost for a rear main seal

the cost of the rear main seal

I read online most of the time you can fix this by cleaning the TB i did so and it ran like a new car for a few hours. went to drve it this morning and its doing the same thing. Code read P505 after cleaning light went off. back on this morning.

Has already replaced the solenoid kit

Is this a major or minor issue?

i have taped the motor. it tries to move a little then stops. dealer wants $1600 replace entire seat base but up down and recline work fine.any advise and cost would be helpful

I have $180K miles on it

what is the estimated cost to replace an abs sensor

is there more than one sensor