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The car starts fine, I run an errand, come out won't start for 2hrs. more often. seems heat related. fuse/relay?? will not turn over make a electric sound not a clicking sound. can be jumped in 30 seconds, then runs.
When stopped at lights or drive thru it heats up then cools off again when i drive
Hi, Last evening my car (2000 Nissan Maxima) broke down in the middle of the road. Then I had to tow it to a auto service. It would start and then stop/die almost immediately when I take my foot off the pedal. The ...
my 2000 maxima wont stay idle on when its cold but when it gets warm weather no problem
Currently my car is showing up the service engine light and when the diagnostic code is read from computer, identified as P0430 - Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold Bank 2. My friend didn't remember the ex...
2000 nissan maxima- filled up then noticed about 5 gal. of gas had came out from underneath the rear, but gas needle still says full- filled up 3 days ago and it did not do this---HELP
Did a voltage drop test! Also, has a new battery and belt. Was told it could be a short-circuit. Battery drain instead of charging...