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It's a constant sound and doesn't go away could this be wheel bearing
My car was parked and all of a sudden huge amounts of both oil and gas started leaking out from behind one of my rear tires. I had to get it towed to a mechanic. They said it appeared that something was rotted out. ...
When the winter came it snowed really bad. After that the passenger door hasn't opened. I don't know what to do to open it. Is there any way I can get the door open without messing the door up?
I have replaced the Alternator. The Battery is good.
I was an idiot and broke my buddies 99 Maxima security key I really don't want to have to pay 180 bucks for another key and tow it to Nissan, he has a 98 Maxima is there any way to change a big mission system or to by...
Nissan mechanic indicated, cannot communicate with computer, he analysis: immobilizer is bad, need to be replace, and need to make a new key and reprogram both. If I make a new key and program it, why do I need to re...
The other day I was driving everything was fine until My brake light and battery light came on in the dash Then as I'm sitting at the light I noticed my car was Running rough Like almost if it wanted to cut off ...
charge all the way up ,check battery an fine.try starting car an it turns over an nothing,try again an now it just clicks..
my radiator blew a crack in it. I repaired temporally with JB weld and within 8blocks on the test drive it blew another crack. would that be caused by the thermostat?
/in 8blocks the car got very hot and it blew a different crack in it would that be caused by a bad thermostat
you have to try and try and try it again and it might start. sometimes banging bthe steering column up and down seems to work
Has freon, condenser running, no cold air comes out in the cabin. Fan, heat, all work, is there a sensor that is not letting the cold come into the cabin?