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The engines are running but the car starts in the day and doesn't at night. Can't seem to know what the problem is.
When I turn the key the starter does not engage. But all other electric works.
Brake, service engine soon, and battery light on. I smelled rubber burning, and near my belts was loud. I put the car in park and it shut off. I seen white smoke under the hood.
Is there a baffle (?)behind the dash that can leak?
The other day i tried to start it and it wouldnt turn over. I know its not the batter cause the radio comes on and lights but it wouldnt turn over. I tried about 4 times then waited 5 minutes and tried and it turned o...
A few days ago I heard a popping sound when I made the turn into my drive way, now I can barely steer the car. the fluid is full.
and the owner said he put a engine in about a yr ago with 150,000 miles on it what she i do the car orginal miles says 297,680
My car will not turn on will just shut completely down no lights turn on and horn will not honk just changed the starter and battery yesterday was starting when I would disable anti theft by turning key in door but no...
Auto Trans, 141000 miles. New starter last year, new battery last year. Lately, most times but not all the time, I need to turn the key multiple times to engage the starter. There is power present to the accessories b...