I wanna know how much it will cost to get them fixed. Thanks

airbag deploys car wont start.bst battery safety terminal

amp for dashboard fuse

Planning 1000 mile trip from NJ to Florida.In addition to changing hose,belts and oil and doing a complete tune up, anything else I should do.

On ,I replaced the battery and connected the battery up and rear taillights where on

wouldn't connected to be inspected, could be electrical or computer problems. Just wanted a quote, is this fixable?

I've been pulled over several times due to this problem. Is there something that I can do one my own to see if it fixes the problem

it started well until this past week. Hot or cold it does this. After a few minutes or more it starts. Clicking noise in rear of engine by windshield when attempting a false start. Is it starter, alternator, or something electrical?

The dash board lights went out on my Maxima. I am thinking it might be electrical rather than the bulbs since all went out at one time.

Actually they just said the axle, but I am assuming that they meant the beam. It is causing a lot of toeing on my passenger side rear tire, and I don't grip the road right when turning. I am trying to figure out the actual name of the part, so I can find it. And I wanted to see if it is possible to actually replace this. I am hoping to do it on my own, so any suggestions would be awesome. Thank you!

along with my radio. After a short time driving the car stopped running. After returning to the car a short while later, it started fine, I drove a few miles then went through the entire process again. The car will not start now. No lights no nothing. The battery is only 5 months old, is this a alternator issue or something else?