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When driving some times as soon as you release the accelerator, and the speed of the car reduces,the car will turn off and stop.both the brake and the steering will lock. the lighting system and the Radio will still b...
my 1997 maxima rides great no service engine light on or anything, however after driving for a while it will stall at a light and at times starts right back up and then shuts right off. What can this possibly be?
It usually takes 3-15 times turning the switch to get the car to start. It seems there is some sort of ignition problem. It doesn't make contact...but once it does the car starts fine. Not a battery or starter issue.
I was told to check the connectors and I did. The tail lights work but I dont get a light on that side when I tap the breaks. what should I do?
want to know how long it will take to replace a clutch
my car is a 1997 nissan maxima. I replaced the driver side lower control arm and now the wheel is turn to the enter awhile the passenger side wheel is pointing straight. I did not made anything to make the wheel turn ...
I have a 97 maxima and when I turn it on it makes this loud whining sound. I thought that it would be the power stering pump but I changed that and still does it... now when I hit the gas it gets alittle louder, now w...
My windows, cruise control, sunroof, cigarette lighter all stopped working one day so I checked and the fuse was blown. I replaced it only for the new fuse to blow immediately. I have taken it to a mechanic and they c...
New starter put on. All sensors changed. Fuse box is not getting power to it. Timing is correct. Tryin to figure out what's not allowing it to start
All fliud levels are good.It just started yesterday. It has a little vibration while idling.
Car cuts off while driving . Does start up and runs after a couple attempts to start .
we replaced switch,harmonic balancer,alternator and alternator belt, also replaced crank sensors.
I have no one to help me bleed my clutch.