Turning off sho while coming to a stop

while driving sometimes the car skips or jerks.

The car was sitting for a long time in my driveway. Then we noticed the front right tire flat. My friend looked underneath and saw that it was due to a broken coil. I would like very much to get it fixed because I really enjoy driving the car

can find problem. changed canister, purge vent

It starts perfectly cold or warm but when I reach two-and-a-half RPM it starts to bog out or act like it's getting choked up... Also when in park or neutral as I said the RPMs fluctuate up and down I use 89 octane fuel and I also had just put in seafoam maybe I'm being impatient but it doesn't seem as if the seafoam work I am broke I have no money no code reader and my service engine soon light stays on does not Flash. ..... Any ideas or thoughts would be much appreciated

after the new control panel, it didn't change anything..

Now white gassy smoke is coming out of the tail pipe had a half of tank of fuel but now is on empty what's causing me to lose so much fuel. Thanks

Lights constantly stay on, wiring seems to be ok. Dont know what to do now. Test at auto zone said it all shows good

The car has sat for 3 years. Seems like it has water damage not sure. Car won't run

When driving some times as soon as you release the accelerator, and the speed of the car reduces,the car will turn off and stop.both the brake and the steering will lock. the lighting system and the Radio will still be working. this occur usually on Traffic situations

my 1997 maxima rides great no service engine light on or anything, however after driving for a while it will stall at a light and at times starts right back up and then shuts right off. What can this possibly be?