Coolant leak on the pavement, appears to be on front right side (facing forward).

At last 2015 inspection, brakes notation:
F "4MM" and R"6MM"
Assume front more immediately important?
If no brake squealing/grinding is heard, no brake chatter, maybe I can avoid the extra cost for rotor resurfacing??

does the engine from the 99' have to be synced with the computor when put into the 96

Car has 220k miles, replaced VSS and fixed speedometer. Had CEL on before I replaced VSS. Now, no CEL. Autozone said I need a knock sensor and I had a code P0600? Besides the TPS, TCM, ECU, transmission shift solenoids, & cleaning throttle body any other recommendations? This is daughters car & I don't know how long & how far she has been driving vehicle with 1st & 2ng gear only. When driveing vehicle o/d button doesn't effect car at all.

If so for how much? Or how much will you recomend i sell it for.

code at parts store said 1st cylinder not firing.

code 3050 on code reader

code 3050 I think it said on the code reader.