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If so for how much? Or how much will you recomend i sell it for.
code at parts store said 1st cylinder not firing.
code 3050 I think it said on the code reader.
It will cut off and ack like it will noke starte back up. When I stop at a stoplight or stop sign It will cut off. I have to press the brake and Gas at the same time.
Replaced my starter.and now my radio and clock do not work, please advise.
smoke billowing from back firewall underneath. causes?
The battery charger has a different procedure if it is negative or positive grounded. I cannot tell just by looking and the owners manual does not say. Thanks
Someone broke into my car to steal my radio and cut all my wires in my dash. Now my car wont start. Can someone tell me how to fix her. The dash light are on but alarm light not flashing....
I put in new battery and starter car battery still wont stay charged the altanator is ok
cant really tell where the leak is really coming from . just know it is coming from behind timing cover.
I have tried everything... replacing the speed sensor attached to the trans... replacing the actual speedmator piece attached to the dash... I think it might be a wire issue.. but I don't know where to start fixing th...