95 nissan maxima

The Green light is on but the cruise control will nor engage.

i was told that the feron wasnt circulating to get it cold the compreser is fine

check cam sensor and crank sensor it looks ok

also when gas cap is removed a lot of air excapes.

need parts and labor to replace the above items

since it's summer, I can recirculate the lines for now, but is there any way to extend the piece without having to replace the whole heater core? I really, really don't want to rip apart the dash and do it.....

My max starts and idles well, accelerates well until ~2000 rpm and it begins 'lurching'. I back off on the accelerator until it shifts and I am able to accelerate further(in higher gear) until I get to ~2000 rpm, again the lurching. I back off once again and to get through it and once I'm around 40 mph (and less than 2000 rpm)I can maintain and accelerate. It always seems to happen at 2000. I am also pretty certain that I have a water leak into the inlet. Could it be and air flow sensor issue?

my battery light was on my car... brought new battery drove car for 60 miles battery die... change alternor battery light went out drove car 20miles then car went dead... took car and gt new battery. they ck it and it show a read of 12.5 reading... when u take off the neg terminal car cuts off. can u tell me why my battery is nt charging and if there a electic problem.. please help

When I try to first start the car it will turn over but wont start but when I hit the gas pedal it starts right up but it starts fine after the first only does this on the very first start

i have hard start all the time i changed the cam and crank sensors now the dtc code is showing knock sensor doe you think it could be the knock sensor

What could be the cause to the gas smell in my car, I have looked every were and still could not find it, I took it to the machanic and he failed to find it. When I first start the car and turn on the defroster the smell is overwhelming

does the rear driver side wheel bearing hub assembly nut have right or left hand threads?

My car's morning start; 10 mile drive to office in morning and drive back in evening are always fine, but if I drive even couple of miles in evening, it cuts out on the road intermittently. The car starts fine after it has stopped but after a mile or so it cuts out again. Then after every start it dies out. Only after keeping the car shut for 5 mins or so allows it to start correctly for some time and then drive for some more time without issues. This is happening to me nearly everyday since a month now. I showed it to a shop and they suspected transmission failure. Hard to believe since the car easily runs for some miles everyday.

I had a mass air flow code for which I got that fixed by getting it cleaned. I even went for the fuel system cleaning to ensure that the gas supply is fine and the car is not dying because of irregular fuel supply.

Please help.