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Does my 1994 nissan maxima have the post temp heating sencor? Or do i just change the thermostate?
do i have a post temp sending unit? Or do i just have the thermostate changed.
someone replied to my question. When i said smoggig. Will the exhaust system play a part in passing smog
Does the exhaust system have to do with smoging the car? Does overdrive button stay on or off for normall driving?
While driving thermastate guage starts at cold position then jumps up to the middle line then back to cold but does not reach the hot position. This happens sometimes then will jump like that about 4 times then stop. ...
while driving sometimes the temperature gage jumps up cold to hot but goes back to read not hot and stays there but car does not run hot what could it be
driving about 30 to 35 mph hit devider the driver wheel went flat replaced tire. One day later transmission fluid leaking from driver side took off tire but cant see were it is leaking from. Fluid stick says low fuid ...
Start braking at 45mph the front wheels skip and as i slow down more it gets worse like a bubble in tire. Recently replaced the driver side wheel bearings and the axcle.
I start braking at 45 mph the front wheels start skipping like there is a bubble In the tire. Had front driver side wheel bearings & axcle replaced
it sounds like poppinp popcorn when driving slow and sound goes away when spedding up
it leaks when it cranks up could it b a vacuum leak that's what I was told
The sound is coming from the driver side tire it a single CAM engine v6
The sound is coming from the driver side.
How much cranking amps should the battery be
my maxima clonks from 1st to second every other gear is fine