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Lose power climbing hill. The sputtering minimizes when increasing acceleration could this be caused by bad spark plugs? Havn't replaced plugs in 4 years
I have checked both fuses and relay (under glove box in foot well.)
Ive cleaned the egr valve, checked for vacuum leaks,replaced ignitioncap and rodor checked for bad wire's i would greatly appreciate any advice on methods to check for faulty sensors Or faulty equipment.
My car started shaking and has gotten worse. It is not bad in the idle position, but when I put it in drive it starts a slow deep shake that gets faster and harder as I increase speed. Also, in reverse, my steering ...
the car alarm is going off for no reason. we do not have a remote for the car i was wondering if there was a generic key pad code that we could use to turn it off. the only to turn it off right now is to disconnnect...
once the door is panel is off is is dificult to install
When I put in a new (used) transmission in my car, I realized the slave cylinder was stuck in gear mode. I didn't notice this problem when I had the transmission loose, and I think that the lever worked before insta...
dies when goes in gear only when cold code 55
Almost every time I try to start my car, it wont do anything anymore, not even a click click. I am able to have it pushed started though. wondering if this may be the starter, alternator, or ignition switch?
My 91 nissan maxima idle ok at 650 to700rpm then press the gas a little and jumps over 1500rpm nothing less,... any ideas???
OK so a friend wants to sell me one for 100, great cause I need a car! Its got one owner 200k, and its been sitting for a year with a dead battery, she got a new car so its just been there. It ran great before, but w...
the batt was disconnected and when i reconnect the batt the alarm goes off and car wont start.the ower has clicker and thought it was already disconnected.how do i disconnect it