2013 Nissan Altima Questions

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Why my car stops when I put it in gear

Car started and ran yesterday with no problems. Came out this morning and it wont start. Pushed the brake and the ignition button and I get a crank, but then nothing. No start. Key fob battery replaced and works. Engine battery disconnected and reconnected. No start.

the same....i need help

do not have warning signs on dash

Car won't shift out of the main battery a problem or a transmission issue

Only done oil change, rotation, replaced original tires, no major work. Tips and ideas are welcome

How do I fix it?

When in air on will go off when switching to recirculation. But when unit is not on, light is still on. Should it be? Always?

Recently noticed, and not every time

I have pushed the button to turn it off and when the car is shut off and restarted the traction control is engaged again.

At night time the climate control buttons are completely dark. I can't find out how to make them illuminated so I can find them in the dark.

I've had my 2013 Nissan Altima since August. It seemed to be driving fine until 2 weeks ago. It lurched forward, jumped and shuddered when letting off the brake, then 10 minutes later I came to a stop and it felt as if the car behind me bumped me. As I started forward again the car shuddered a little then cut off. I was able to restart the car but when put into any gear the car stalled. It's been 2 weeks and at 2 different shops and they are saying I need a new transmission. I'm out of warranty by 33 miles!!! What is going on? I've never seen a car need a new transmission this soon!