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I tested the plug and it has power to it. The rest of the wires run along with the taillights and such. I have all working lights, so I would like to know what it went to?

Engine revs in park and neutral but not drive and reverse.

After putting in cool air intake on my 2005 nissan altima, shortly after there was a rattling on right side of car and steering wheel became very hard to steer

Humming sound when I drive 45 and higher

When I drive my car after 30 minutes or so then slow for any reason and accelerate again the car jerks when the accelerator is pushed slowly, however if accelerated fast the car levels out. I have had a Nissan dealer check out the car and they say there is no issue with the transmission. The car does not throw out any codes. The dealer I took it to while I was out of town said they would need to keep the car longer to find the issue. They had the car all day.

Sometimes when I'm driving it seems to lose power making it run rough. It idles back n fourth just enough where the car wants to shut down. 9 out of 10 its more likely to shut off. It will turn over but sometimes it doesn't want to. I have to press the gas hard.

I just need to know what size tires to get

My 2008 nissan altima will not start today and I kept smelling gas, I just installed a new fuel pump and went thru the proper steps after installing the fuel pump and what not. Well my car will still not start. When trying to start it, the engine sounds like it is trying to start for a split second after about 7 or 8 cranks but then just keeps cranking. I can hear the fuel pump when I turn ignition on. Can someone please tell me what is going on here?

Unhooked negative cable for 15 minutes.

When going up a hill or on level ground sometimes my car slips into high revving RPM's. What could be causing it to do this?

Failed OBDII Test
Evap Sys
02 Sensor

just got the car , what to know what needs fixed up

It used to work but just stopped working one day.

would it be worth having engine rebuilt now or driving until it blows and find a used motor

How could I change it myself

How will I know if struts need replacement?

how much is it to fix a push to start issue on a 2009 nissan altima

My 1998 Nissan Altima’s alarm will not shut off. I believe it is a factory alarm. I do not have a remote keyfob to turn it off. I’ve tried turning the key to the left in the driver’s door to disarm and unlock, but that does not work. I’ve disconnected the battery and reconnected to reset the alarm which hasn’t worked either. The ignition is locked and the car won’t start. Is there any other way to disarm and unlock the ignition? This is an extra car so I don’t want to spend a lot of money but would like to start using it again. Any suggestions?

Car started and ran yesterday with no problems. Came out this morning and it wont start. Pushed the brake and the ignition button and I get a crank, but then nothing. No start. Key fob battery replaced and works. Engine battery disconnected and reconnected. No start.

i am wondering if the blue smoke could be a ring and i was wondering how much it might cost to fix?

It's making a noise and it sound like it want to turn off

after main engine fuse/relay box meltdown, replaced alt., alt. harness, fuse box(used) wipers on all the time, even with the wiper switch assy. removed .wiring looks good & motor is grounded

Give it alittlle gas and it will start speeding up all over

Test drove the car for the first time. notice from sittting in the back on the right passenger side heard a roaring noise from the tires. Can you tell me what it may be before I purchase the car? Thanks.

What is the cost for all motor mounts on Nissan Altima 2002 2.5 liter automatic. Motor was replaced with refurbished motor & 2 new catalytic converters but now motor is shaking

Car won't start I replaced cam and crank shaft sensors still won't start check all fues

I clean the throttle body and mass air sensor due to codes po5507 and po102 but when I started car the rpm bounce up and down I did the re-train mode but no luck I took it to a local shop and they saids is my mass airflow sensor has a wiring problem and it cost to fix $500.00 I work on cars but not good with electric stuff

Like autozone but that will go over your car with you.

I need to change coil on cylinder 4

Would the intake valve timing control cause it to idle rough an cause the valves to rattle..