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I don't recall receiving a letter in the mail on this. Can this be done at Best service in Cloquet, Mn. 55720
I read possible faulty alternator if both dir turn freely and have seen clutch pulleys for sale and heard could be issue with internal fan sticking. looking to solve vibration only at idle issue. Checked idler tension...
Fan does not work. Indictor lights not working or any of the controller functions. Fuses good. Swapped relays good.
How does a rebuilt or used engine cost for a 1998 Nissan Altima?
also had engine replaced with a rebuilt one last may, battery replaced last month and the belt. burning oil, and smells like gas
I have always had them come out from the top. I have gotten it all apart. But the pump its self is attacked to the bottom of the tank.
we checked the oil but it's not leaking into that area. we put almost a whole gallon of antifreeze in nd traveled about 15 miles nd by that time we checked it nd it was empty. their was hardly any leakage spots on the...
Some passive crank sensors output sin wave magnitude is much higher then oe products, does this cause any problem ?
At night time the climate control buttons are completely dark. I can't find out how to make them illuminated so I can find them in the dark.
Ever few seconds it will beep, its coming from under the the hood at fuze box.
near the front on the drivers side.
My car has given me a code P0301 (#1 cylinder misfire) I took it to the dealer and they tested (swapped out)the spark plug and coil - ok. They could not find a problem and the code was gone. This misfire is only an oc...
Added Lucas heavy duty repair at onset of notice. No help. It sputters and almost shuts off at stops and in park. Rattling is louder with acceleration at any gear. Is quiet between 40 and 50 mph. HELP
The first time check engine light went up i took the car to a machanic, and he said i have to change the cylinder number 3. I changed and after two weeks the check engine light up again, i took it back to him, he chan...
I had a reconditioned ac compressor put in less than two yrs ago and its out already. I have a friend with one from a 350Z and hope its the same. Thanks for the help.
It started the first time took it around the corner turned it off now it turns over but want crank could u tell me whats wrong?
front and back