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My car Got rear ended. I need to change the rear bumper. how much approx for the estimate of everything, including repairs costs. Thanks
I was told the cluster needed to be replaced. Everything works except for the electronic part for the temperature.
every once in a while when I start the car it make a hard rattle then goes away after it is started. It idles smooth and no noise while it's running only when I start it.
We can hear clearly the sound inside dash area but no air comes out & when I switch to outside Air again air started from vents. Then A/c again I started it is working fine then after some distance again vent stop thr...
I notice a leakage after I had warm my car up. don't know where it is coming from. do you suppose to warm your car up.
I bought my car last week new. When my car is cold and I go from 15-25 mph there is a thump and a noise on the drivers side. It happens every day and every time the car gets cold and I start to move. The dealership ...