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i can feel the car shanking while foot is on the brakes not really bad but enough that me and my friends can feel it
While driving yesterday my traction light came on once I turned my car off and back on it went away and while driving it came back on. What reason would this light stay on?
Car whistles while driving
Not all the time it happens service engine soon light came on still on happen two weeks ago car was jerks t h en it stopoed
Also, the key fob doesn't work all the time. What should I do?
I pulled over and retightened the cap, the light did not go off. I tried to redo it again and shut the car off to reset the computer and restart the light still remained on. This car is a 2011 Nissan Altima
My tire was low and the tire maintenace light came on. Had all four tires pressure checked and corrected. Light went off. Next day light came back on. Had tires checked again. Pressure was still ok. Light off. Ne...
There is uneven tire wear in the rear end and I was told the alignment was off but not enough to cause the amount of wear on the tires.
what are most common problems after factory coverage expires w/ this car?
It has a recall on it and I live three hours away from the nearest shop.
I've had my 2011 Altima for about 3 months, and almost the entire time I've had it, it makes a loud tapping/ticking sound from the engine when the engine is cold. The noise is worse when I accelerate. Once the car wa...
I've just purchased my car (2 weeks). When the heater is on there is a smell of burning rubber. If the heater is turned off the smell goes away.