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Fan does not work. Indictor lights not working or any of the controller functions. Fuses good. Swapped relays good.
I need a new engine for my Altima. The dealership quoted $7500 (which I suspect is high) and are working on a quote for a used engine. I have looked into buying an Engine myself and having it installed professionally....
And it makes it hard for the car to stop when I brake the sound went away when I restart the car and came again while driving it again thanks
My car shows no other signs/symptoms pertaining to a P0603 code, other than the fact the code appeared while i was on a long trip after i had disconnected the battery many times while i was installing HID lights. Will...
AC compressor stopped working. Connected Freon boost and the needle goes high and pegs. Low side of course. Nissan "Stealership" wants $180 for materials to look for the problem. Knowing that its under warrenty. ...
how often is schuled 1 mantanance
when I hit the unlock button for the trunk nothing happens
I checked the oil plug and the filter for leaks - none. I change my own oil. During break in about 1/2 quart burned. Burning this amount of oil concerns me; and I know it is not normal.
the wire that was damaged was replaced as well - happened on 8/11 - paid $474 for damaged wire - same day service engineer soon light came on - took back - now being told 1400-1500 for repair - can't understand how an...
light is on tells me to replace fuel filter
I was told to replace engine computer If I buy used one it is needs to be reprogram ? I have smart keys it is need reprogram to?
No problem. Just need to know when to change oil and oil filter?