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power windows roll down when the car is off, the car has no codes the dealer tell me that need to reprogram the fob/key but still doing it I also but a new key
My car recently started blowing hot air when I turn on the AC. I have a gauge and so I decided to check pressure on the line. My gauge only reads the low side. The pressure on the line was approximately 120 psi @ 71 d...
Check engine light came on and I took it to Auto Zone. When they scanned it, the code p0456 was given. What does that mean and how do I fix it without taking it to the dealership. Thanks.
when i first start it smoke will boil out. after it warms up it will stop. sometimes it will clatter. losing oil somewhere but not water
Recently I've noticed a thumping noise, similar to a helicopter sound when I am driving. It speeds up when I do and slows when I do, no sound with sitting still. I do not hear any difference with turning either direct...
It had no signs my transmission was going...it was running and shifting smoothly like new...knowing a little bit about cars usually a transmission gives u signs before it goes...can u guys give me some advise cuz a tr...
I mash the brakes an push the button some it cranks an then again it won't why I have replaced my brakes an it still does it.
top motor mount on 3.5 2808 is self-destructing at 96000 mi. Costs to R&R?? worth it to R&R. Is this a dealer repair item??
if I buy a American 2008 Altima with the odometer in miles, can I switch it to kilometers, because the car is for sale in Canada
It just started running rough. #4 plug was real black and gummy when I replaced it. Every so often there is blow by smoke when he starts the car. if I unplug any of the coils the engine nearly shuts off, but if I unpl...
The car was caught in high water and it was up in the floorboard. The motor died and now it will not start. Is ther a reset button or some fuse burned out?