While im driving it steady jerking

Please contact me also need a pistun

The air compressor was replaced in this vehicle. Shortly after I noticed that my trunk no longer opens when you press the button. I suspect the fuse was blown but am unable to find it.

I have had the battery and starter checked and was told they are both ok. Every few days I have a problem with my car starting. What would cause this?

Some times car idles badly while sitting. Check engine light usually blinks on and off 3 times

Crazy loud noise and transmission not wanting to shift gears along with the car having basically no power all happened really suddenly bout two days ago... Replaced the Valve Cover Gasket, Spark Plugs (which the 1st and 4th were full of oil), and O rings today.. still the same problem

Has random miss fire coed sometimes, runs great once started no powerless . Let sit for an hour or so, hard to start , keep cranking without letting up on starter will start barley

I Got this 2006 Nissan Altima and it over heated on me (cause it had a 4" crack in the top front of the radiator that had been previously patched.) I replaced the radiator and now it wont start. I've had a Diagnostic run on it and a person look at it to make sure there was no internal damage from overheating. It showed codes for the crank sensor so I replaced that and it still didn't start.(It did how ever sputter for the first time and almost started.) I changed the Coolant Temperature sensor. I've tried spraying injection fluid into it and it still didn't start. Thinking that would help but nothing. I can hear the fuel pump and after changing the crank sensor i could smell gas. Also before this happened it had a moderate problem with starting. For instance, It would start then immediatly die, then you would have to restart it. it usually started and stayed running after 2 or 3 trys. idk what is going on with it at this point?

I have to put it in park and rev the engine to keep it turned on. Otherwise it drives fine. Is it a vacuum? Something fuel related? Gasket?

I was told while getting the tire rod fixed that the axle was leaking and it would cost $240. Is this an average price? This would include parts & labor

blower motor is sporadic. have checked fuses

The car shut off one day and hasn't started since...I replaced the crankshaft sensor but still no fire. What else should I check

Dead got it checked out came down to getting a brand new one. Saw a difference car cranks but just wont start. What might be the problem ?

Six months ago the service engine light came on my Altima. The code read was P0420, catalyst system efficiency below threshold (bank 1) which could be the cat converter or the o2 sensor not functioning properly. I put off the repair til I was financially able to resolve it. The lite went out for about 2 weeks but returned again. In January, my car stalled the first time in 8 yrs. while stopping at a lite but quickly restarted. The second time it occurred, took 2x before starting. The last time it occurred while stopping to enter traffic, it stalled with warning & took about 4 tries. I tried to accelerate but could not accelerate past 20 miles an hour & sounded seriously like a human trying to catch his breath for the next 1/2 mile. I kept my gas pedal to the floor for fear of it stalling or being hit in the rear in fast moving traffic til I was able to exit. I shifted it in neutral when I came to the stop light. When I proceeded after the light, it resumed normally. I had the codes checked & they read P0725 & P0335 which is the crankshaft sensor malfunction. I have to find out whether my car is included in the recall concerning this. My question is this: do I still have to repair the P0420 code issue with the O2 / catalytic converter that didn't show up on the latest code reading?