My car dosent changes gear, its starts from 3 or 4th gear, its heard to move the car, and its remain to the same 3 gear till i stop the car. Please help me.

intermittent problem over last 6 weeks; then multiple incidents yesterday over 15 minute period with loss of power (more than 10 times, back to back)

my drivers seat is leaned all the way back and will not lean forward

on a warm day it usually only takes two kicks before the car finally starts, but now that it is cold it takes about 5 minutes of cranking before it starts? at red lights i am very weary because i've had it just stall and the engine shut off multiple times already. i'm thinking its my fuel injectors but im not too sure.

In cold weather, ie below freezing, my alternator light remains on until I drive a few kilometers, then it goes out. There seems to be a correlation between how quickly it goes out and the temperature. The colder it is the longer it takes. I checked voltage while light is on and sure enough the alternator is not charging. The alternator has been replaced but the problem persists. Sounds like a relay is freezing up and then thawing as the temp rises. Can anyone help?

good.what is the problem.

Faster I go the louder the sound and it's only on the passenger side, super loud on the highway. Dealer told me months ago front bearings where getting bad but wanted $800!?!

also p1273 and po300 codes pulled up

service engine light stays on. it does it sometimes when u r idling or driving. was told intake gasket manifold but some1 said sensor by throttle body. any ideas..thanks