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engine light on .mssfir on cylinder #2
Hello I have a 4 door 2002 nissan altima. It is stuck on park. The only way I can get it out of parking is to pump on the brakes and that releases it. However then I get stuck on reverse. I have to keep pumping the br...
what makes a noise in the engine when you shut it off? it sounds like a fan running for 2 seconds.
How bad is it if there is anything wrong with Crankshaft position sensor circuit?
I have a 2002 Nissan Altima 2.5 bought brand new in 2002. Since 2007, I have replaced the rear pads and rotors ever year since then and in July 2009, replaced pads and rotors, then in 3 months, I had to replace, rear ...
The check engine light came and the code p303 I change oil ,spark plugs.The light went off but the car is starting rough .Not a clue what it could be.
how do you know where your fuel filter is located and how do youm know if yours filter or pump
We bought a car from a lady and she had just took it to Nissan and had all the recalls done on it and we got it home and it would not start. we then had it towed to our local machanic and the diagnostics said it was t...
will I have to drop gas tank to replace fuel pump?
I turn my car on and it doesnt go into reverse. The other gears work and the car rolls back when i put it into neutral so it isnt the emergency brake. I put one quart of transmission fluid in because it had none. Why ...
2002 nissan Altima Ac does not work.
How much should cost to replace a head gasket?
my check engine came on
P0725....Engine Speed input Circuit Malfunction