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I have always had them come out from the top. I have gotten it all apart. But the pump its self is attacked to the bottom of the tank.
Some passive crank sensors output sin wave magnitude is much higher then oe products, does this cause any problem ?
The problem ocurred after the battery was connected with the terminals backwards. So the positive cable was connected to the negative side of the battery and the negative cable to the positive side.
Problem began with "traditional" battery clamp on positive battery terminal. Replaced it before and starting problem solved. Tightened screws connecting the 2 cables which connect to the clamp and problem solved tempo...
What would cause this degree of wear on tires after repair 8 months ago?
Could this be caused by the front seal, how hard is this to fix
When I first start my car, the oil light flickers on and off. It dies this for about 30 seconds and then it stops. It does not come on while driving. It started about 3 weeks ago when I had to change my distributor. I...
My son needed the head gasket replaced on his Nissan and the cost was estimated at $1200 until the mechanic got inside and discovered he needed a valve job. This cost another $550. Is this possible. We trying to co...