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Added Lucas heavy duty repair at onset of notice. No help. It sputters and almost shuts off at stops and in park. Rattling is louder with acceleration at any gear. Is quiet between 40 and 50 mph. HELP
It turns over but want start.
The car runs fine no problems during highway or in town driving. It idles and accelerates as it should, it seems to anyway.
i have change the fuel pump on three occasions and also change the fuel pump relay but still the problem persist.
Car cut off and would not crank. I changed the knock sensor and it still will not crank. I cleared the code and car still don't crank and I don't get anymore bad codes.
catalitic converter is bad and the knock sensor.air bag light and other dash lights are blinking and the radio stopped working
when stop on a red light or to get into a highway it goes very slow to the point that it will not move even tho the engine still running.