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Backfires and wont move in drive or reverse.seems to choke out and dies.Very rough idleing then motor stops
Need to know what may be wrong and an approx cost of repair. Blinking airbag continuously blinks. Started a week ago.
Got the car used had it for about 8yrs it had always had a shaking problem but lately it has trouble starting sometimes and when im driving it stops sometimes and other days it goes back to normal
When I turn on my AC it smells like fungus or mold and when I turn on the heat it smells fine is there a way to fix that problem and if so please tell me how.
ok well ive already put on a new alternator, distributor cap and rotor, new spark plugs, wires, fuel pump, fuel pump relay, and had oil changed with filter. now when i try to start the car it just cranks but wont turn...
where is the obd11 located
there was an obd1 connector but hesaid he need a obd 11 the smog failed the car runs good
windshield wipers do not work and car heater does not work and the signal lights do not work
change fuse and replace antenna also had wiring check. Power antenna stop working so I tried a regular antenna-that didn't solve the problem-----Help
my rear axle is bent so i think i need a new one