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can hear noise by the big blue fuses under dash and they vibrate a bit and were warm. I was having issues with it stalling replaced spark plugs got a little better. dash lights go on and off frequently
And the trim piece on outside of the door. It got bent when I backed into it, breaking the window
96' Altima GXE failed smog because it stalled during the timing portion of my smog test. Per the manufacturer, timing is checked with TPS disconnected. When the smog tech went to restart the engine after disconnecti...
When I start my car it idles rough and when I put it in drive it has no power. HELP!!!
Tried a new flasher relay and checked bulbs? Meter showed about 4 volts at socket.
Car will not start at times just clicks when the ignition key is turned, takes everal tries. I have replaced the starter, battery, ignition relays, check grounds. Any ideas what it could be?
Brake light fuse blows immediately. Not sure where a short could be. Thx
TRANSMISSION ISSUE: There is an "issue" with the automatic transmission. If you have a knowledge of transmissions, this could be any easy fix. It seems that the "D" gear in the transmission does not want to engage. Yo...
I replaced the waterpump and the thermostat. hoses are good. It's as if there is no water in the hose leading to the thermostat. It acts as though it isn't opening. The engine acts like it's going to overheat. I was g...
I have checked all fuses and bulbs
I can be driving along and hit a bump, then my car will shut down. Why is this happening?
the car is making an air loss sound while driving with air conditioning running. does not occur when idling