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My radio, windshield wipers work intermittently. I have to shut the car off and barely turn the ignition to get them to work and when I turn it all the way over, they cut off. Please help and suggest a repair shop ne...
It's a 1995 nissan 240sx, 5 speed automatic transmission.
The bracket is attached to the clutch pedal with a pin and cotter pin pin and connects to push rod. It broke and I'm trying to remove bracket it and find one to replace it. Clutch pedal is on floor because of broken b...
I was told differential fluid and possible broken rack and pinion ... Is my car safe to drive? Its a manuel transmission Nissan 240sx se 1995
cost to repair brake fluid leak
check engine light wont go off, noone can figure out why.
Do i have to remove the spindle nut to remove rotor? Thanks
If the temperature gauge was not running hot but the fan was locked in placed when i tried to turn it, do i need a fan clutch?
The cam pully came off and was replaced and also had oil, filer change and a few hours later the oil filter popped off and lost all the oil. But did not run engine but a few feet before it was turned off. Installed ne...
how much would it cost to get an engine tune up
want to know how much it would cost to fix the fuel gauage and the speedometer