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how often should it be changed
it will shift if I turn the car off and restart or keep car at a steady speed for a short distance (300 feet or so). Could it be the computer. Deefertitta@cox.net
This happens 10 percent of the time. Can make car shift by stopping the cad and starting over or driving the car at a steady speed for about 300 yards.
I'M having problems with my 93 nissan 240sx , it will crank when it sits overnight , but after you start it , and cut it off for a few minutes it wont crank back until it seats along period of time , but when it doesn...
what is done to tune a 1993 240sx. and when should the belt be replaced. 5 speed manual.
Every since I brought the car the speedometer and cluster lights have never worked and I'm tying to found out why and what may be the cause of the problems.I've read that the timing control unit[tcu]could be causing ...
Wife was driving. auto transmission went out. no fwd or back. Makes a kin do of humming noise but nothing moves car.. it will creep slighly when put in gear but that is it. ideas?
my tail lights wont shout off
key has been getting harder and harder to turn and will no longer engage the ignition at all
it will stay running if i keep my foot on the brake and give it gas but once i come off the gas it dies
The speedometer does not display. It only beirfly comes up when i start the car and if I begin to move fast enough it does display the correct MPH.
my 240 is automatic. sometimes it wont come out of 2nd or 3rd. I usually have to put it in neutral and restart the engine to fix it temporarily.
Im tired of getting pulled over for this... new bulbs, still doesnt work. is it a short or something? how do i fix it?
OK... My #2 injector went bad so i pulled it to make sure. After i put it back in the car would sputter smoke and oil from the exhaust pipe and from a crack in that hose that goes from the valve cover to the intake sy...