Jeep Liberty Problem Report

Jeep Liberty Noisy or Failed Power Door Locks

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If the power door locks are buzzing or are intermittently noisy, a new door latch assembly may solve this. The door lock actuators are integrated into the latch assemblies.

passenger rear door lock failed. -
Door Locks stopped working on both Driver and passenger side of Vehicle. -
For the past couple of weeks I've noticed a "clicking" sound when opening my door after the lock was engaged. Today, the lock on the driver's side door is making a "buzzing" sound. How do I fix this? -
Power door locks in the front of the vehicle (passenger and driver sides) started making a humming type of noise and short thereafter, stopped powering up and down both front door locks. -
buzzing sound when locking door -
Rear right passenger door will not lock or unlock via power control. -
When locking and unlocking the doors there is a buzzing sound and the passenger rear door will not look or unlock. -
driver side door latch and key entry problem -
Duck locks -
driver side lock buzzes and does not always unlock or lock -
Door locks stopped working on rear passenger door. I have not had this fixed yet. -
Screaming door handle and funky windows that stop working whenever they want -
Loud buzzing when doors auto-locked. Replaced latch assembly myself, but was not easy. -
Front passenger door lock will not lock or unlock. -
Rear passenger door will auto lock, but will not unlock. Only way to repair is $350 for new motor, parts. So I live with manually unlocking and the weird sound it makes trying to lock and unlock. -
drive doors not locked -
My back door(hatch Back door) trying to find part for my jeep and not having any luck -
Drivers side front makes a loud noise when you lock a d unlock the door -
Power locks failed on left rear door and rear cargo hatch -
passenger door lock goes haywire when i lock my doors meaning it goes up and down (locks and unlocks) continuously untill i shut the car off and have to manually lock the door -
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