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every time i stop at a red light and go on green the car jumps and when i slow down at speed bumps and put petrol to it again it jumps even when i floor the gas it sounds like it over revs and gears and changing . nee...
My Outlander makes a strange noise when in park or neutral, like a rattle, but goes away when the car is in drive?
i have 2 black wires 1 white wire and 1 blue wire from the car and i have 2 white 1 black and 1 gray form the oxygen sensor which wire would i match up i need help quick
When try to accelerate car to pass somebody or when I an climbing a steep hill my car seem to loose power. Have to stop turn off and wait a few minutes. then I turn car on and it's working fine. I thought it was the ...
how do I loosen the tention belt. and what do I need to do the work.
I need to lossen the tention belt but I dont know how I am trying to change out my altinator, please help.
right rear dic brk does not release.wore pad quick.installed new pads.was able to push caliper piston in with minimum effort.all other wheels ok.drove car and rt.rear brk still engaged and smells hot.
How to change my brake pads and remove the rotor for resurfacing.
What is the coast of changing the timing belt ?
When I turn over the engine I am blowing the fuse for my right taillight. When the fuse blows for the taillight it also effects the dash lights for my instrument panel. Is ther a short in the wire from the ingnition...