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The readio will not work unless i have the coad

Can an average guy replace them his self?

On several occasions my brake lights stay on after I turn off my car and get out. It drains my battery. It doesn't do it all the time but enough to make me worry. Why does this happen. I had the brakes checked and all was good.

also when driving at slow speeds when i take my foot off the gas to coast the truck feels like it wants to completely slow down, its loosing power.

I just bought this car and didn't see the cluster of wires under the dash. A wiring diagram for the SES light would help. There's other things that don't work like the door buzzer and the lights for the shifter and the anti theft light. But they're not really important. I need to fix the SES so it can pass NY inspection. It failed inspection..... MIL COMMANDED Failure and cylinder 4 misfire that I'm hoping is just plugs,wires etc..

All of a sudden everything on dashboard starting flashing. There is a small red indicator that looks like a battery where clock is located. Car stalled and won't restart...dead battery?

I just bought a 2002 Mitsubishi diamante LS from a friend of mine & his daughter has ripped the stereo & amp out leaving only the wires exsposed I just need to know if it matters what year of diamante I get the amps hook up plug out of

It makes a faint clicking sound once. Windows and stereo power all comes on

On. And sometimes car on stop sign and turns off

I have already replace d the valve cover gaskets and rear cam seals. So is the head gasket or front cam seals leaking oil onto my alternator? Thanks

I put a new torque converter and and transmission pump

Have a 1994 2.4 L Mitsubishi Mighty Max. All of a sudden the oil gauge was not reading any pressure. Replaced oil pressure sending unit. Now when the ignition switch is turned on (engine not running) the gauge immediately pegs out on high and slowing returns to no pressure. Code reader shows no electrical problems. Do bad analog gauges act this way?

How do I fix myself ? Not sure what is wrong or where to start looking for the problem and can't afford a mechanic.

First pump also had no pressure so replaced a second time.
Then no start had fire and fuel pressure so replaced fuel regulator and vacuum hose. Care starts runs about every other time u try to start it at about every other day or so intervals. Never know when it going to start and when its not. Any ideas?

Needle moves approximately from 13 volt to 15 volt, but somewhat slower than when turn signals are engaged.

This happened 2 times today during a 10 mile drive.

Had oil change and checked brake fluid 3 days before. No brake fluid leak, no light turned on before accident. What caused the brakes to fail. Added brake fluid the day after checked fluid in afternoon and it was low, but no fluid leak.

I can pull the hood release in the cab but the arm that needs to be pushed under the hood is hanging out and finally came completely loose. How do I open the e hood?

They just stopped working all at once

Just got an tune up, oil change

I go out every morning to start my car and warm it up. But when I come back outside to leave the key is still on but the car is shut off? Why is that? It does it evey morning

where is the crankshaft sensor located?

when accelerating sputters and hesitates when shifting, Dies at stop lights

Change the fuel pump, sparkplugs and plug wires obd throws a P0120 replace that too, it cranks but wont turn over.everytime i try to start it backfires from the intake and blow the dipstick off the engine

The car was running fine it started put put like it was not getting gas and I was pressing the gas. Put a brand new battery in had the oil changed .It has been sitting for a few years and wasn'the being driven

when my car is turned off the running lights come on also the blower stays on at times when the car is turned off

My car is cranking and shutting off and it has had 2500 dollars worth of work in it. They said the idol needed to be adjusted and something was broke on the idol adjuster so I got it fixed and now it wont crank at all the next day. It is popping up codes 0506. They cleared them out I'm hoping my car can be fixed. What could be wrong with it?

Someone cut my radio wires and im trying to put a radio in it

battery i ha e to charge on battery charger. when i crank it feeels like it wants to start but it doesnt I purchase the car for $500 knowing it wasent running and needs new fuel pump but still doesnt start

I purchased the car few days ago not running due to needs new fuel pump well we replaced it with new fuel pump and still wont start it cranks like it wants to turn on but fails.there is lots of wires that are not connected or wires just messed up the car was sitting at previous owner home on non operational for 3 years

I need to close my hood by noon