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The car ran good yesterday but went to start it this morning and the temp was high. The fan came on , the belts looked good and coolant level was good. I was thinking it could be the thermostat.
I am up to date on all my services. The noise does not come from the engine. sounds like underneath the car or from under the engine. I wonder what it could be.
After letting vehicle set overnight, battery is completely dead. I turned off blower thinking that was the only thing that didn't shut off. Is ignition switch relay the problem?
My 2003 outlander actually blows cold for a while and then in traffic or long rides stops blowing cold what's the possible problem?
From the uk and just want to know if the uk spec headlamps are the same as Australian ones of same year. Thank you.
I was told the computer in my outlander needed replaced because the wipers and the cigarette lighter both quit working.
fuse melted in fuse panel
I have replaced the battery and fixed the starter, but car still will not start. Lights go on and something starts to click, but engine does not turn over. I can't find the button to push for an alarm reset. (My al...
fan doesn't switch off every time ignition turned off. battery is flat every morning even though I make sure everything turned off. auto electrician can't find a problem
Hatch door is properly closed but while driving sometimes it starts giving open alarm intermittently.
every time i stop at a red light and go on green the car jumps and when i slow down at speed bumps and put petrol to it again it jumps even when i floor the gas it sounds like it over revs and gears and changing . nee...
the car had been cranking over slower everytime for the past 2 weeks and it finally went out, cant find the starter tho.
It makes a bad crackling sound when i let off the clutch an it is even worse when the car starts to move. I got the car a month ago. All fluids are ok. It started the noise a week ago. But today its leaking oil out as...
Whenever the heater is on and I make a hard right turn, the blower starts making a LOT of noise. I have to turn it off and usually leave it off for a bit and or make a hard left to get it to stop making the noise.
The engine does not vibrate at a standstill when revving the engine or accelerating at higher speeds. Otherwise the engine purrs ...what could it be?
The vibration is from the underside of the engine in the front, but only occurs when physically moving and accelerating from 30-45 never vibrates at high speed acceleration or at a standstill revving the eng...
I have taken the car to two different dealers and they gave me their estimate of what it might be. I get it fixed and think that it's o.k no sound a week later it comes back again. They are puzzled and don't know what...
doesn't happen all the time. Not a loud sound, I don't hear it if the radio is turned up at a reasonable level.
The headlight sporadically work. High beams are fine and driving lights are fine. But the Headlights will come on sometimes and other times completely dead. I have replaced the bulbs and fuse. Wondering if there is a ...
How do I prevent a crack on my windsheild from spreading?
My gear shift lights won't come on. Do I need to replace the fuses? If so, what number fuses are they?
Mine is making a very loud noise every time I turn the fan on. It still blows the air but s so loud.