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From the uk and just want to know if the uk spec headlamps are the same as Australian ones of same year. Thank you.
I have replaced the battery and fixed the starter, but car still will not start. Lights go on and something starts to click, but engine does not turn over. I can't find the button to push for an alarm reset. (My al...
doesn't happen all the time. Not a loud sound, I don't hear it if the radio is turned up at a reasonable level.
It's a new battery. I checked radiator fan controller and alternator. Battery will have full charge then drain down overnight.
Check engine light is not on and in the mornings it runs fine
Been told it might be a bent wheel or bad belt in tire; but still happens after balancing and rotating of tires
first time this has been an issue - usually I just tug the lever and the gas door pops open, but nothing happens.. my husband popped the door for me manually and when we used the lever it seemed to be in working order...
I would like to know the electrical component located in the engine compartment that should not get wet during washing the car as well as their actual position on the engine.
when I ignite the car it starts all right but the engine soon goes off unless I ignite and drive the car right away the engine will go off. the engine can also go off in the middle of a journey. The service board ...
It just all of a sudden died when I put it in reverse, then wouldn't crank back up. It was running fine until then. Never had any other problems with it.
I think its transmission problem. The car jacks when the gear is about to change from 2 to 3.
changed engine oil and ATF but problem persists
bought car as used , Changed engine oil, changed automatic transmission fluid