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After letting vehicle set overnight, battery is completely dead. I turned off blower thinking that was the only thing that didn't shut off. Is ignition switch relay the problem?
My 2003 outlander actually blows cold for a while and then in traffic or long rides stops blowing cold what's the possible problem?
fuse melted in fuse panel
fan doesn't switch off every time ignition turned off. battery is flat every morning even though I make sure everything turned off. auto electrician can't find a problem
How do I prevent a crack on my windsheild from spreading?
My gear shift lights won't come on. Do I need to replace the fuses? If so, what number fuses are they?
I have a 2003 Mitsubishi Oulander you mount the engine Mitsubishi Galan 1999, all remained perfect but it has two problems, first the check engine light stayed on and the computer gives me the code of the sensor cronk...
The a/c is blowing hot air although there is enough freon on it and so they told me it could be the pressure switch because sometimes it works but most of the time it is hot sir blowing
I checked the relays,but I don't here the pump engage at all.
I replaced the battery fuse and reconnected my battery. It turns over but there is no gas getting to the carburetor. Is there a safety shut off somewhere that was tripped and I need to turn back on?
You have to jerk the Steering wheel back and forth till the key turns and let's u start the car. Steering wheel locks in place. Could it be the ignition that it's bad. If u leave the steering wheel in the lock positio...
resistor has already been changed so that's not it