1999 Mitsubishi Montero Questions

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I think some bad fuel was put in. Maybe even wrong fuel. Now it won't start. If I get some starting fluid would that work?

no or very little drive power when moving. problem is constant. engine seems fine.

Truck turns over but won't start. I have replaced timing belt, crank shaft sensor,plugs,wires. Truck was running before and after I replaced all the above when I started truck after I did my work truck stalled and no check engine light came on and can't get it to start again it turns over but won't start.

Always occurs

Ilooks like water not circling in radator

when i turn the headlights on in my 1999 montero the check engine light comes on

it cranks up find after warming put in reverse or drive it shut down.

The vehicle will turn over but won't crank it has gas. I thought it had ran out of gas & I shot starter fluid but it still would not start. When I had it towed it cranked after they unloaded it. I drove it again for a few days and now it wont crank again had it towed again but will not crank.

my 99 montero sliped the t-belt when i turned off the vehicle i only tried to turn over twice what do u think the odds are that there was valve damage?