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when I turn on the ignition the battery lights warning turns on it wont disappear
Engine runs good except that it begin to 'hunt' after idling for a while. Also, strong smell of gas from tailpipe.
temp gauge bounces up and down could it be the water pump ?
First time ever happening this or like that change oil wondering if anything got disconnected down there can someone please help
When I turn on my a/c my belt makes a noise for a little bit but will stop what does this mean and will it be expensive to fix
Will'nt go over 30 mph
Car had to be towed to have the alternator replaced. The garage sent a tow truck who towed by the rear axle- the vehicle is 4 wheel drive. I picked up the car after the alternator repair and the at light, and battery ...
The problem started with the antilock, anti skids lights being displayed. Then I had to use 4 wheel drive the other day and now the four green lights on the wheels are illuminated and the two front wheels blink in g...
The replacement i bought was too hard to push and cannot play shock. Do i need to put lubricant?
My heater will not get warm at all. The blower works but it only blows cold air and but anyone asks, yes I have turned off the A/C and turn on the heater.
my monero limited 4WD tranfer indicator wheels light, flash and beeps when the car is started.
When starting my car,the 4WD indicator lights will flash and beep until i move the tranfer case lever. Than all lights stay on except the driver side rear.
both, door locks and a/c just stopped working
After installing the blower works fine, low speed through high speed works great. The problem is there is little air coming out any of the vents(defrost, upper and lower vents.) Could it be the vent door has a problem...
When u drive the brake its ok..only the anti lock brake system shown on dashboard
My montero is doing this right now. Alternators been replace 3x, battery is new, replaced the MAF sensor. Also changed the ECU. Not sure what else to do. These were all recommended by our mechanic and with each repair...