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Engine runs good except that it begin to 'hunt' after idling for a while. Also, strong smell of gas from tailpipe.
i had to replace front left dive axle (drivers side) as CV joints were worn out. I have a new drive axle and have tried to insyall it for about 4 hours, i can not seem to managae to get the splines to line up with the...
it has been on since july of 2010 and i cannot figure out how to turn it off
I replaced all the light bulbs in my instrument panel and i replaced the combination switch for the turn signal. Then some of the dashboard lights come on that were out before i replace the latter parts. However when ...
i had this problem when i brought the vehicle. on when i turn the radio on it showed the word off. i check the owner's manual it said call the nearest car dealer.how can i get the radiocode with removing the radio.
Summary says it all. Transfer case is making lots of noise, but I don't need 4x4 right now. Can I continue to use my truck if I remove the transfer case, and probably the front drive shaft?