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I replaced it (may 2,2015) revert thing went smooth. I bought the original nkk clutch kit for it. I put everything back together like I said it all went smoth. Until I turned it on and the son of a gun is doing the sa...
was going down the road and the car just would not go no more
In the past couple of days randomly while I've been driving my car has started to making a loud screeching noise that seems like it is coming from the drivers side. When it happened last my rear demister light half ca...
we have just had the radiator cleaned for the 2nd time this year
Car when in park still rolls heard a noice while pushing it back in the yard while car was turnoff
dash board and tails wont come on I checked fuses and tail lights but looks ok all other lights work even brake lights work. What could cause only dash and tail lights not to work?
what causes pressure to build in the crankcase? there is a constant ticking noise no matter if the car is cold or hot and it occurs everytime the car is driven.
Fixed leaking a/c (bad Schrader valve and O-ring where low side pipe bolts to evaporator), pulled a deep vacuum, then broke vacuum with 134a (system accepted 35 psi at rest). Turned on engine and a/c, intending to ad...
after changing battery ac ,and other staff doesn't work Fuses looks OK and engine work fine
the car wont go into gear. Does that mean my clutch went out
Is there any other way of running and resetting monitor to bring system to SMOG READINESS? We performed drive cycle and customer drove @ 200 miles. The OBDII is still reading "NOT READY", incomplete,cannot finalize sm...