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Mechanics said that it can come apart , the bottom part of the car. Really don't want to get into a new one ,if I can have this one restore to normal.
I replaced it (may 2,2015) revert thing went smooth. I bought the original nkk clutch kit for it. I put everything back together like I said it all went smoth. Until I turned it on and the son of a gun is doing the sa...
this problem started after i put oil in my car and the next day i drove it thats when it started smoking sometimes thick or thin at times. it also hesitates like it wants to shut off but it doesnt. when i try to accel...
was going down the road and the car just would not go no more
Where is the fuel pump relay located in a 1994 mitsibishi mirage???
Is there any alternative place it could be???
It doesn't smoke when I first start it... I can drive for about 10 to 15 min then puff of grayish smoke and a slight blue tint comes out then it stops and want do it again till I leave and drive again but the blue tin...
It acted like it wanted to die, but then got better. Again, this morning the same thing. I got on the expressway and it would not go above 45 at first but then seemed to get better. At about 55 I felt the transmissi...
My mechanic said it's something in the steering that won't allow it to work. Costly?
I am having performance issues and it gives me a P0431 code but before I go replacing the Catalytic converter (this one has two) I would like to try something cheaper like the O2 sensors but I need to know how many th...
Distributor, wires and plugs replaced new in Sept of 2013 due to a similar issue leaving vehicle stranded. Vehicle will restart and run for short periods of time this time (approx. 10 blocks at a time)
when i trying to start the car, everything goes normal, but wont go on, i verify the injectors and they work fine and i check the spark plug and work fine too, whats can be the problem? maybe its the crank sensor?
When I start the car it will just spit and sputter it won't start. Could it be the timing is off?
How do I go about replacing a dead check engine light on my 2000 Mitsubishi Mirage?
it started making alot of noise then fell out
Checked has good spark and is getting fuel but won't start just turns over car shows signs of being in a field of mud
I notice on the hiway my car/ front tires starts shaking whenI'm going 50mph or more i have to take my foot slightly off the gas for it to stop shaking.
When i try to crank the car it won't do anything . But on the 4th try of turning the key it starts
when your driving the car it drives normal but it shifts at 4000 rpms and idk whats wrong any pointers on how to fix???
Do anyone now why the fuel relay switch wont click for the fuel pump to run when I turn the key to the on position but if I crank the engine the switch click but he car still won't start please somebody help me pleas...
The engine light came on when I was slowing down and was coming on and off but after an hour of driving, it didnt come on any more