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Rear brakes..the calipers which are working fine, and fitted new pads hi, I have a 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS. The rear right caliper is sticking occasionally and then it will sometimes release. I can tell when it's...
i change oil and filter but the oil indicator still lighting.
My husband replaced the a/c blower motor, now it runs constantly and at the same speed, regardless of switch position. Also, we had to replace the radiator and condenser; is the radiator fan supposed to run continu...
any help please as car has very little power. car is 2.0 di-d
ac staying cold for about 5 min. when hot outside
the heater not working although of the hosing are connecting and the cooling system is working too when i replace the wheel bearing the ABS light active please help me
the blower motor does work if I hook it up to a 12 volt source. the clutches are working
abs & brake lite staying on but my brakes are working fine I changed the brake pads but the lite is still on can someone help.
my right sensor is working fine. the problem is somewhere on the wheel. i need to know as a sensor reading. on the bearings or on the wrist? please anwhere