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It was my converter I replaced it and my resonator now its coming up again and I lose power to my car
if it does run with it cause a random misfire and causes the transmission not to shift right
After I was driving I got on my car while I was off set on the hood and noticed that it was really really hot I open the hood and looked down and noticed that it's hot in the area of my radiator. I've been turned on m...
After driving 500 mules, warm up Catalyst & EGR Monitors not ready. Trying to figure out right cause. Cooling fan stays on with ignition, during driving & a few seconds after I stop the car. I disconnected noisy AC fa...
It still says a sensor is bad, but it has been replaced. What is wrong? It also says possible update software (how do I do that?) or computer malfunction (how can I fix that?)
I started my car it came on but it died right away. tried to restart it, engine turns over will not fire. battery is charged. only has 68000 miles on it.
I have changed the battery and spark plugs and wires.will idle in neutral but kills in gear and if cold.
My 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer recently had A LOT of work done. My timing belt broke two times, and was replaced both times before the camshaft head assembly completely broke. I had to buy a new camshaft head assembly, as ...
My car has spark and cranks and cranks but no start
Parked car last night clutch perfect, when started it this morning clutch peadal dead no resistance what so ever , pressure gone compleately .
Only on bumpy roads, turning corners. Maybe suspension??
I was told the catalytic converter was bad with a code of p0420 but went for a 2nd opinion and was told it was fine. I added Seafoam into my gas and drove with it till it emptied out and it didn't help. I changed my s...
When shifting gears, if I give it too much gas, nothing happens. If I accelerate slowly, everything works fine. But if I try to give it any extra at all, I get nothing. What causes this?
Check the fuses they are all fuses,
Ckeck the alternativer, its good When we started the car it will charge the battery
They cannot get an error code. They said it could be something in the wiring but would hv to take apart my dash at 120$ an hr and that still might not be it. At an idle it shutters and in neutral it does not. Had to h...
Transmition Gear is Not working
i just change my intake. i dont know if its because of the intake changing or something else?
Hello Just looking for some insight. I have a 2004 lancer. It has been randomly turning off when I come to a stop sign or light. My dash battery light, SRS light, oil light and emergency break light all go on. I ...
But the starter does not swing , not even click.Even if i pull the car it does not want to start , is it starter or maybe imobilizer thats faulty , battery is fully charged
My car is reeving really high when I start it. It seems to be ok once I get going but drops a little low if I stop at lights. My radio keeps going off but then comes back on again. When I turned my car lights on at ...
My heater control knob has been broken off for some time I learned to manually move under the steering column. I have it all the way turned to hot but after It doesn't get hot air just lukewarm. Is it the thermastate?...
I had no problem restarting it. Do you think the air con condenser is the problem?