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I have changed the battery and spark plugs and wires.will idle in neutral but kills in gear and if cold.
Noisy tranny and possibly throwout bearing and loss of power, turbo is boosting but it just fells slow!
Changed out timing belt, cam sensor, coil pack, plug wire.plug.still getting code.dou think it's still out of time.I'm frustrated and I need help.
after a week i run my car found the oil lamp come on
this is the codes that I have does this car have a gas senor or something like that that could be bad
The heat in my 2006 Lancer oz rally stopped working, but air still blows out even when I have the heat on but it blows cold air out. Iv'e taken it to various places to have it inspected but no one can seem to point ou...
I was hearing a little squeek, like a belt was loose, after turning my car off I couold no longer start it. I hadn't had any trouble starting before this. A friend hooked up a diagnostics tool and no codes showed up. ...
When I have the heat on in my car it blows fine when I'm driving, but when I come to a stop (ex: stop light, stop sign, etc.) it blows out dramatically cooler. Any suggestions what the reasoning could be? I have check...
I started turning off the Air COn, and still does that.
I recently bought the car, and it doesn't have an oil change sticker on it. Need to know what is the best oil for my car.
at what mileage does the factory recomends timing belt replacement?