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My car was running fine except a weird noise, like a faint tick last few weeks.. today the car started making a click/clack noise.. it seemed to be timed while idling. 2,3,4,5,click,clack .. 2,3,4,5,click,clack etc.....
gas gauge string or wiring issue if there is one d/t radio in/out and sun visor lamp out also does this sound more like a wiring issue?
Dash separating from mounting at the seam where the airbag would deploy.
Car cut off and will not start. Have checked and fuel pump is good ... put new cam shaft sensor on still won't start ... doesn't seem to be getting spark to plugs???
driv belt is destroed
i have full clutch pedal and pressure but car only moves when the rpms are very high it doesnt matter what gear even reverse. never heard a noise or pop but did notic a few days before an the day of the problem a lit...
Just received 2 vague diagnostics from untested mechanics. (Ours retired) 1st: “Clutch is bad.” 2nd: “Transmission is making the noise & must be replaced, but the clutch may be bad also.” The flopping noise; simi...
Car just wouldnt start at work with a jump.Had to be towed. Its sitting in the shop. my mother was ripped off when this happened to her. she replaced fuel pump and car still broke down . different shop said lets check...
I drove the car from work in a bad snow storm / sleet and when I parked and turned the car over again the check engine light came on. I checked the gas cap and it was tight.
It was done at 37k, but now my car has 72k miles on it. Should I have it done soon?
how do I get a replacement lug socket key?
Can I get this somewhere other than a dealer? was and extra higher priced option.